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I Wish I Had A Camera!

My 17 year old son, an avid baseball player, plays for his high school varsity team. What does this have to do with tea? Well when your kids are involved in sports the parents are always called on to volunteer.

Our team was hosting a barbecue for an out of town team about a month ago. We were feeding 50 teenagers so everything was being made in large quantities including the sweet iced tea that was being served, we live in the south and no matter how hard I try....

I am the brunt of all the "tea" jokes and this day was no exception we were sharing a lot of laughs. As we set up for the guys to eat I turned around and saw Marianne, my personal tea maven after this, filling one of those industrial size coolers with a garden hose! Yes that's right a garden hose, she was making the tea! I thought I would die, I was in hysterics!

This has to be my funniest tea moment ever and one of those times when I wished I'd had a camera because no one is gonna believe it.

Hats off to Marianne and the Suncoast Chargers, big time tea drinkers, Beth

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