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Eating Like Royalty

After visiting East Mountain we were invited to join our hosts along with the Chairman of the Shanghai Tea Council, Mr. Chen (yes another Mr. Chen) for lunch at the renowned, historic Suzhou restaurant, De Yue Lou. Dating back to the Qing Dynasty the restaurant was beautifully updated with 3 floors of exceptional eating.

The owner of the restaurant was gracious enough to join us and we spent the next couple of hours enjoying one of the best meals I have ever had. The presentation was worthy of photographs so I got my tourist on and started taking pictures (see below).

At one point Amy asked me if I knew what I was eating and I kindly replied "no and don't tell me now, tell me later". When we talked about it later that day I knew I had made the right choice! Regardless everything I ate was fabulous and I would do it all again without a second thought.

As the toasts, cheers and good wishes wrapped up we took some more photos and said our good bye's and spent the rest of the gorgeous day walking Suzhou city, the weather is sunny and really nice.

Until next time, Beth


Mr.Chen and I

Mr. Chen, Mr. Wu and I

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