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Cupping Teas in Hangzhou

I was looking forward to cupping teas in Hangzhou because I can always depend on Paul to source some good early spring Dragon Well's and he came thru as always. We spent the morning sampling several different grades including one from ancient trees.

There really is nothing that taste like a good early spring Long Jing and the aroma, I love it. Since the last time I visited with Paul he has gotten married and has a new baby and we enjoyed catching up.

With limited time on our hands and gifts to get for people back home I wanted to get some shopping in. About 1 1/2 blocks from Paul's shop there is a great street market that I have enjoyed in the past. Very traditional Chinese looking market with plenty of stuff to choose from so I picked up a couple of things to include in the box I am shipping home.

One thing I have learned traveling in China is first I seem to collect things everywhere I go. Second those things get heavier the further into the trip I get and third and most important, EMS is the best way for me to ship things back at different intervals to lighten the load!

I finish the visit with Paul and check out of the hotel to meet with another supplier to cup some organic teas then off to the airport to Fujian province for a few days.

I am excited about visiting the Fuzhou, Fuding areas of Fujian province because it is new territory for me and that is always fun.

Until next time, Beth

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