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Tea Happenings

There has been so much happening at Teas Etc in the past few months, sometimes I forget to stop and smell the tea.

Its important, at least for me, to remember to pause, breathe and get back in touch with the journey. That's what this is about, enjoying the journey.

Although its easy to digress back into a "racing to the destination" mindset I prefer to avoid it. If I "arrive" there is no where else to go, right?

So as my travels have slowed down, somewhat. Annual inspections are complete. New team members have been hired. Customer proposals are in the works and I am looking forward to the arrival of some exceptional teas over the next 3-4 weeks. I have a lot to be grateful for and I am not sure but I dont think it gets any better than this.

Until next time, Beth

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  • Jason Witt

    I had a racing mindset for a few years straight and I found out I was actually addicted to rushing. Now I've become a lot more patient and it's greatly helped me to be less impulsive. In this way, tea is virtue.

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