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My Discovery of Cold Infusion

Steeping hot tea is great. Various methods and styles peaked my interest and I am constantly curious of just how far I can push the leaf.

Recently while traveling in Taiwan I discovered cold brewing. Since then I have been passionately exploring this new facet of steeping and have discovered some interesting outcomes.

Cold infusion seems to be gentler on the leaf slowly drawing out flavors and mouth sensations. I wonder, is this due to the extend steeping time or the more gentle extraction? What I am certain of is that the resulting cup character is astounding and especially refreshing during these hot Florida summer days.

I am excited to continue to experience cold infusing teas and will be working to further formalize my techniques. I would encourage others to explore cold infusions and share their results with me and the Teas Etc blog community.

Cold brewing has done a lot to change the way that I experience tea. It has opened up possibilities that had never occurred to me before, introducing tea flavors and mouth feel that are entirely new.

- Chris -

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  • Kat

    I just started cold brewing tea and am so excited about this slower and even lower maintenance process of making tea! We'll see how my mint mate turns out.

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